Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

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Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

Consider all of the content you make – the good, the awful, and the ones that take time.

Now consider how you will organize it. For example, how do you track how well your content is performing? Do you use those metrics to improve future campaigns?

If your company lacks this level of organization, consider engaging in some content auditing tools. They are a great planning resource and roadmap for future content development while also organizing analytics so you can refer back to high-ranking content as needed. This article will uncover 11 high-quality content auditing tools to help you speed the process.

What is a Content Audit?

A content audit gathers and analyzes assets on a website, such as landing pages or blog entries. Content audits maintain an inventory of a website and guide which content to develop, update, rewrite, or delete.

Conducting a content audit for your website can increase traffic and improve the reader experience. For starters, content audits help you identify portions of your website that aren’t adequately optimized for search engine rank. For example, you might want to include meta descriptions to your blog entries as part of your current content strategy, but if that wasn’t always the case, a content audit might help you identify which posts need to be modified.

Content audits also assist you in identifying new SEO chances to deploy on your website. For example, did you know that including keywords to your site’s headlines provides search engines with more information about your web page? And if search engines have as much knowledge as possible about the content on your website, they will be able to suggest your web pages to browsers more. 

Running an audit allows you to change the content on your website to increase reader comprehension. For example, you may not know that the links on one of your product pages are broken, but a content audit will remind you to fix those links. 

11 Tools to Audit the Content on Your Website

1. Screaming Frog

Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

Screaming Frog is a desktop program that crawls a website and generates insights on everything SEO-related and potential problems that need to be resolved. It can help entrepreneurs, marketers, and content writers because it provides comprehensive data on search engine optimization – broken links, meta tags and descriptions, anchor texts, poor redirection, and more.

Combined with the other tools on the list, it will provide you with all the information you need to audit your content and enhance your website.

2. Buzzsumo

Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

Buzzsumo is a popular content marketing platform among writers and marketers. It’s a tool that shows how your content is performing in terms of social media sharing and provides information on what content and influencers are trending in your industry.

As a result, we believe that Buzzsumo is essential if you want to understand the relationship between your content and your audience. For example, you’d be able to develop more of what people are interested in if you could figure out which portions of your content perform better on social media. As a result, more traffic and customers will be attracted.

3. SEMRush

Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

As previously stated in the introductory section of what a content audit is about, reviewing your content might positively impact your SEO. As a result, you should carefully consider using an SEO tool. SEMRush is one of the market’s accessible solutions for providing insights into all aspects of SEO.

You will receive complete reports on loading speed, crawlability, meta tags and descriptions, internal linking, and other factors. These elements are critical to improving your WordPress website’s search engine optimization and determining what keeps you from ranking on the first page of results.

4. Google Analytics

Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

According to marketing gurus worldwide, Google Analytics is a must-have if you own a website. And we at Smarketors wholeheartedly agree. It provides precise information about your traffic numbers and shows you which parts of your content are doing well and which need to be improved.

The digital tool will provide thorough reports on visitor engagement, conversions, landing pages, behavior, site search, etc. For example, you’ll learn which content types and landing pages are most popular. You may also know which topics visitors are most interested in incorporating into your plan.

4. Grammarly

Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

5. Grammarly

If you want to audit your writing in real-time as you write, we recommend using Grammarly. The tool will verify your writing and correct any grammar or punctuation mistakes you may have committed. Grammarly is distinct from the other tools on the list in that it audits the content, whereas the others typically display reports on traffic, shares, and conversions.

It is simple to use and may be integrated with Google Docs. However, if you want more precise information on your faults, you should enter your content into the Grammarly editor. Nonetheless, this tool might save time for busy writers who don’t have enough time to edit every item in detail.

6. Woopra

Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

Understanding how visitors engage with your websites is one of the significant challenges for content creators and marketers. Woopra is a tool that gives information that explains user behavior in detail.

Woopra provides robust, real-time, visitor-level analysis, unlike other content audit tools. In addition, it depicts how actual users interact with the website. As a result, Woopra can help you map out the customer journey, track every visitor touchpoint, and identify changes to improve your content marketing efforts.

7. Yoast SEO Plugin

Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

Yoast SEO is the most powerful WordPress SEO plugin available online. It offers an easy-to-use interface and is suitable for beginners in content development.

This program makes suggestions on improving readability and optimizing each page for SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin provides internal linking ideas and additional content insights in premium capabilities. In addition, it has elements that keep content up to date for Google’s algorithm.

8. Hemingway

Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

Grammarly works well in tandem with Hemingway. Unlike Grammarly, Hemingway examines the writing for readability rather than grammar and punctuation. It will make recommendations on improving the “grade level” of your content (you don’t want it to be too complex or complicated), how often you use passive versus active voice, how many adverbs you use, etc.

Essentially, the app assists you in simplifying your content. Hemingway evaluates each sentence, taking into account its length and word arrangement from the standpoint of sentence building. The program actively searches for passive voice, complex constructions, and excessive adverbs. The text should have a minimum readability of 9 points (the smaller, the better).

9. SEO Checker by SmallSEOTools

Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of a website and is an essential factor in its success. If you want to outdo your competition, you must have proper tools to aid you in analyzing the performance of your SEO. Smallseotools, for example, offers a free SEO checker that allows you to get the SEO score for your website with a few clicks on your smartphone. You don’t have to pay anyone to use our free and dependable SEO analyzer.

10. Ahrefs

Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

One of the most patronized content auditing tools is Ahrefs (and really marketing tools). It’s an SEO powerhouse with domain and page research, backlink reports, and rank tracking. Those are the fundamental, “standard” SEO reports. They go above and beyond the anticipated, with unique reports like ‘top pages,’ which show which pages on a site (yours or a competitor’s) are the most valuable (a combination metric using traffic and CPC).

Another interesting report is the “Content Gap,” which shows you which keywords your competitors rank for but you do not. Overall, if we had to pick just one SEO/content-related tool from this list, it would be Ahrefs. It’s ideal for content creation, research, monitoring, analysis, and auditing. However, Semrush, a comparable tool, is considerably more popular. 

11. SEOptimer

Top 11 Best Content Auditing Tools in 2022

SEOptimer is another excellent tool for determining whether your website is appropriately optimized for SEO, performance, security, and usability. Check out this content audit tool to generate an audit report and receive tips on improving the performance of your site. For example, SEOptimer may advise you to employ your primary keywords across the essential HTML tags or to make better use of header tags.

All suggestions have been prioritized. It makes it simple to determine which problems should be addressed quickly and which should be addressed later.

In Conclusion: Equip Yourself with Content Auditing Tools

Manually performing the content audit of your website might be a demanding task. You’d have to manually go through every page on your website, check every link, and monitor the performance of every keyword or key phrase.

On the other hand, content audit tools automate all of this work for you, not only assisting you with SEO optimization of your content but also analyzing the entire performance of your website to create more leads and increase sales.

Every tool covered in the post serves a specific purpose, ranging from e-commerce firms on Shopify to WordPress websites and SEO agencies. Whatever services your company provides to its customers, you will be able to discover a content audit tool that meets your requirements in our list of content audit tools.

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