14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

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14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

Today, individuals worldwide want to read content that is unique, tells stories, entertains, and delivers solutions. As a result, brands, digital marketers, bloggers, and writers continuously strive to provide content that adds value to the readers’ lives.

It is critical for content writers to generate high-quality, engaging content that people will want to read and share. One way to achieve this is by taking advantage of content marketing tools for writing. They can make your job easier by assisting you in writing well-researched, easy-to-understand, grammatically correct, and entertaining content.

Do you know where to begin looking for these marketing tools for writing?

Start right here. 

1. ProWritingAid

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

ProWritingAid is one of the most excellent content writing tools that can help you become a better writer. ProWritingAid, like most grammar checkers, assists you to detect and correct unpleasant grammar and spelling errors. But it also does a lot more.

It goes well beyond grammar checks to help you enhance the clarity, strength, vocabulary, and style, making it more convincing and entertaining for your reader. ProWritingAid provides 20 reports that focus on various elements of your writing. It also includes extra elements such as articles, movies, and quizzes to make the editing process more enjoyable, engaging, and informative.

2. HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

Many writers find it challenging to come up with new topic ideas consistently. This HubSpot’s fantastic content creation tool can help you identify relevant blog post ideas in your niche.

Typically, it will ask you to enter three nouns relevant to your niche and provide five blog posts ideas or topics. While it doesn’t provide you with a polished idea, its suggestions are excellent enough to get you started. It is also a superb tool for increasing your writing output.

3. AnswerThePublic

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

Keywords are essential for creating selected marketing content. When applied correctly and in the appropriate amount, it makes your work visible in search engines, read more, and, as a result, rank higher. 

You might want to check out AnswerThePublic for the best keyword search assistance. It is a visual tool that produces more “human” outcomes than its competitors. It is free, but you can only search for a certain number of questions every day. 

4. YoastSEO

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

YoastSEO is a great SEO tool for WordPress users that you should not overlook. It can assist you in creating SEO titles and meta descriptions. Not only that, but it also allows you to examine the quality of your content and make modifications to it.

You can use the YoastSEO tool to determine your Flesch reading score and check whether your content contains enough connectors. YoastSEO also checks internal links, subheading distribution, sentence length, etc.

5. Thesaurus

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

Repeating the same term over and over might make your writing sound stuffy and uninteresting, so you may need to discover contextually appropriate synonyms. Using Thesaurus, an online dictionary, can help you polish your writing and eliminate stuffy phrases. 

Thesaurus can be configured to search for synonyms, antonyms, and definitions. It also includes a word-of-the-day list to help you expand your vocabulary. It is entirely free and straightforward to use. You might try Alliteration.me if you want something similar with a different interface.

6. Grammarly

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

Grammarly is one of the most patronized content writing tools for error-free writing. It evaluates your article for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. You can use this fantastic online-based tool to proofread and self-edit your work. It also provides information on your article’s word count, reading duration, vocabulary, and readability score.

If you upgrade to its premium edition, it will check your material for different writing faults. Some of these faults include your word choice, missing prepositions, and wordy sentences. You will also have access to its plagiarism detection and human proofreading services. In addition, due to a recent update, it can now provide you insights into the tone of your emails. This makes it an excellent tool to have in your content marketing approach.

7. Copyscape

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

Copyscape is an excellent writing tool for anyone who wants to ensure that their text is free of plagiarism. Plagiarism is one of the most severe violations you can make as a content creator, and you must do everything to avoid falling into this trap. Plagiarism can also result in Google penalties.

In addition, this program crawls through your content and looks for similarities with other content on the internet. By doing so, you can quickly create unique content and gain its rewards.

8. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

If you want to increase your article readership, you’ll need a content writing tool that can assist you in creating catchy headlines. This way, you can develop headlines that pique people’s curiosity and entice them to read the full content.

And what is the finest tool for producing headlines? CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. This content tool evaluates your headlines based on their type, word balance, emotional and power words used, and character length. It assists you in creating compelling headlines, which are critical in obtaining the required number of views for your content. You may also use it to improve your headlines to attract more traffic and shares and rank higher in search results.

9. Hemingway Editor

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

The Hemingway App assists you in improving your writing. It is one of the top content writing tools for people looking to hone their writing abilities. This online tool highlights long, challenging, and hard-to-read statements and prompts you to simplify them.

It also suggests replacing tough words and phrases with simpler ones and removing unneeded adverbs. It also emphasizes the use of the passive voice. One of the upsides to the Hemingway Editor tool is that it allows you to improve your article’s readability and writing style over time by editing it. This can also help you create excellent content for social media posting.

10. Readable

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

Did you know that the average adult in the United States reads at the 7th to 8th-grade level? Therefore, you must keep your blog postings inside that range to optimize readership. This writing tool developed by WebpageFX allows you to test the readability of your blog post.

You may either enter the URL of your published blog entries or manually copy and paste the complete text. Readable will assist you in analyzing the readability of your blog article so that you can fine-tune it for improved readability. It can also help you assess the readability of the content you’re posting on social media.

11. Read-o-Meter

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

Read-o-Meter, as the name suggests, is a content creation tool that allows you to estimate how long it will take for people to read your content. This estimation is based on the usual reading speed.

You may use this tool to tell your readers how long it will take them to read your blog post. You may also use this to create content for social media sharing. It can assist you in creating short captions.

12. BuzzSumo

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

BuzzSumo is another content creation tool that content marketers can use to generate content ideas. Based on keywords, this tool retrieves popular content. It has a slew of filters for narrowing down the results depending on language, area, journalist, date, and other factors.

The results can be sorted by their total reach on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You may also use custom filters to narrow down the results even further. BuzzSumo also provides a free Chrome add-on.

13. Surfer Seo

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

Surfer SEO is a full-service SEO tool that offers a SERP analyzer, a content editor, keyword research, an SEO audit, and a content editor extension. Its data-driven content editing methodology removes the guesswork from manually optimizing your content by telling marketers what works for the top-performing pages right now and how to outrank them.

Furthermore, manual audits of blog posts and articles may be time-consuming and prone to human error, so having the capacity to provide a complete breakdown of the SERPs for a particular term in a matter of minutes can be a significant advantage for people wanting to increase their content output.

Surfer SEO’s content editing tool uses AI technology to determine the significance of each word on a competitor’s pages based on a topic. Then, it provides you with the most precise and competitive guidelines to begin working as your content editor.

14. Canva

14 Best Marketing Tools for Writing B2B Content

Blogs with relevant photographs attract 94 percent more views than ones without images. If you’re into design or use designs in your writing, Canva may be an excellent tool for creating simple images and infographics, freeing up your design team to work on higher-level jobs.

Canva features themes and layouts, making it simple for a novice to create a descriptive image for content marketing purposes. It also allows you to select a template based on the distribution channel, such as a banner for LinkedIn or a square image for Instagram. Canva offers a plethora of possibilities and is entirely free.

Final Thoughts

As a B2B content writer, your aim is to create content that will resonate with your target audience and hold their attention long enough to remember your company’s brand or become a potential customer. 

While there are many other marketing tools, the above-listed tools are a fantastic place to start if you require accessible, expert assistance. Hopefully, these marketing tools for writing can assist you and your content marketing team create well-written content to meet your content marketing campaign targets. 

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