Check Out the 16 Best Content Marketing Courses In 2022

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Check Out the 16 Best Content Marketing Courses in 2022

Whether you want to learn about content writing, search engine optimization, or email marketing, there are courses available to assist you in getting started. But, with thousands of content marketing courses available, how can you choose the perfect one for your career?

The goal is to identify specialists who walk the walk and provide up-to-date training with a renewed syllabus every year. Avoid all “get wealthy quick” courses.

Here are our top suggestions for the best content marketing courses.

1. ClickMinded 

Are you tired of generic content marketing advice that fails to address the true objective of content marketing? Then you should take this content marketing course, which will teach you how to create profitable content marketing campaigns in the quickest amount of time.

This course begins by helping you understand the purpose of content marketing in your marketing funnel and the importance of distinguishing between content marketing and copywriting. You’ll work with tried-and-true content algorithms to learn how to develop blog entries, social media postings, YouTube videos, and podcasts that drive massive traffic to your website.

2. Content Marketing Foundations by Linkedin Learning

Check Out the 16 Best Content Marketing Courses In 2022

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda) offers the Content Marketing Foundations course primarily intended for content marketing newcomers. It begins by discussing what content marketing is, how to form a content marketing team, assess the content needs of your target audience, and design and implement a content marketing plan.

It specifically addresses the following topics:

  • Defining Content Marketing
  • Laying the Groundwork for Content Marketing
  • Making Your Content Strategy
  • Creating Your Content 
  • Promoting Your Content
  • Measuring Your Content

It’s a video course with a 2-hour duration.

3. Copywriting for Beginners by Skillshare

This course’s full title is “Copywriting for Beginners: How to Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy.” Jesse Forrest, the course’s author, is a seasoned copywriter with over 14 years of experience in the industry.

The course lasts only one hour and covers the following topics:

  • 101 Course in Copywriting
  • How to Write Effective Headlines
  • Read the Minds of Your Audiences
  • Speak in Their Tongue
  • Fill-in-the-blanks Templates
  • Competitive Advantages will help you stand out.
  • Make unappealing features into irresistible benefits
  • 3 Ways to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

The main focus of this course is writing for the web, with particular emphasis on creating attention-grabbing headlines. You may also download a worksheet to practice your headline writing skills.

4. Content Marketing Toolkit Course by Semrush

Check Out the 16 Best Content Marketing Courses In 2022

SEMRUSH Academy is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to digital marketing, including content marketing. SEMRUSH academy provides several free courses for the general public to assist you in learning how to utilize their products in real-world scenarios 

The Content Marketing Course is one of the courses, and it covers the following topics:

  • Analysis and Optimization of Content
  • Ideation and Content Research
  • Distribution of Content
  • Performance and Management of Content

This course will teach you how to do a content audit, identify fresh content ideas through keyword research, track the performance of your content, and establish a content marketing calendar. You do not have to be a SEMRUSH customer to profit from this course, but having a SEMRUSH membership will allow you to execute the various examples using the tool.

5. Become a Content Strategist

The online course Become a Content Strategist displays effective campaigns that the strategist can utilize to maximize the market’s influence. The course, available on LinkedIn Learning, teaches professionals how to communicate the correct message, get the most out of campaigns, and develop the right strategy.

The online course covers:

  • Digital marketing foundations that aid in the development of online marketing strategies, the engagement of potential customers, and so on.
  • Learn how to develop marketing copy that will attract and engage your target audience.
  • Business storytelling is used to create stories relevant to real-world issues and connect with the audience. It aids in applying fundamental principles that open doors for corporate communication.
  • UX foundations that can assist in developing content rules, persona spectrums, and content.
  • Advanced foundations in content marketing and SEO.
  • Create an integrated internet marketing strategy that considers goals, customers, media, and values.

The online course has more than 18 hours of information designed to educate excellent content planning tactics, marketing principles, and storytelling.

6. Arun Nagarathanam’s “SEO: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

Check Out the 16 Best Content Marketing Courses In 2022

Students in this course look inside the hood of Google’s search engine and discover a bevy of continually changing algorithms. Though the actual parameters of the algorithms are a highly held trade secret, this course introduces consumers to the public subtleties of the algorithms. 

For example, they measure quality using metrics such as PageRank or how frequently other sites link back to a specific page – however, not all backlinks are equal in value. Google also penalizes pages that engage in spamming activities such as keyword stuffing. 

This course walks participants through 40 essential SEO elements and helps them apply what they’ve learned while constructing sites using the popular content management system WordPress.

7. Google’s Digital Garage Certification

This Google training series includes all you need to know about digital marketing, from analytics to online marketplaces. Users learn to answer simple questions like, “What content format makes the most sense in my content marketing campaign?” and “How do I make my content more accessible for potential audiences?

Other relevant topics cover essential content marketing distribution methods such as social media and email. Users can skip around within the 40 hours of study or complete it entirely to receive a professional credential.

8. 10x Marketing: Content Marketing That Stands Out & Gets Results

Check Out the 16 Best Content Marketing Courses In 2022

Learn with CoSchedule using SKillshare’s 10x Marketing: Content Marketing That Stands Out & Gets Results online course. The class is taught by working professionals and industry leaders and covers design, illustration, and photography, among other topics.

The following are some of the features of the online program:

  • Content without competition is a new concept in content marketing.
  • Putting 10x opportunities first is a great way to start.
  • Developing a content creation approach that is both efficient and effective.

Its goal is to develop content that will produce marketing outcomes and year-over-year growth. Finding subjects, setting content priorities, developing the publishing process, optimizing content, and high-potential ideas are all covered in this online course.

9. Content Marketing Course: Get Certified in Content Marketing

Content Marketing Course: Get Certified in Content Marketing is a fantastic approach to becoming a content marketer and is offered on Hubspot Academy. The free certification course is suitable for content creators, inbound marketing specialists, and marketing executives.

It will assist content marketers in being leaner, stronger, and more strategic in their approach to market growth. It also aids in creating and repurposing information for both search engines and people. It learns the fundamentals of content development to ensure consistency in the content.

Candidates will learn the following:

  • Framework for Content Creation
  • Storytelling’s Power
  • Creating a high-quality blog that attracts and retains customers
  • Creating content concepts
  • Planning content initiatives that will be beneficial in the long run
  • Developing tactics for guest blogging
  • Blogging to rank higher in search engines
  • Strategy development for video marketing
  • Repurposing material to boost its worth 
  • Measuring and analyzing content 
  • Promoting content effectively 
  • Creating pillar pages and topic clusters

The online course includes videos, courses, and quizzes to help professionals learn the fundamentals of SEO and content marketing.

10. Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery

Check Out the 16 Best Content Marketing Courses In 2022

Udemy’s Ninja Writing course is one of the best-rated online Content Marketing courses. In this best-selling course, you’ll learn to turn your business writing, blogs, books, and essays into masterpieces. 

You’ll learn how to incorporate quality into every layer of your writing, whether a blog, article, college essay, cover letter, corporate report, or content marketing. It will immediately elevate your writing to a degree of polish that will confound anyone unfamiliar with these top approaches. This course also gives you the tools to become completely confident in your writing by putting you on par with some of the world’s leading journalists.

Shani Raja, a former Wall Street Journal editor, designed it. He has taught top journalists how to better their writing and has written and edited for some of the world’s most prestigious news outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, and Bloomberg News.

11. SiegeLearn

SiegeLearn is a content marketing course that will teach you the SEO, content marketing, and link-building tactics that the Siege Media team uses to drive results for some of the world’s most well-known businesses (and tomorrow).

Ross Hudgens, Caroline Gilbert, and Vince Nero, all titans of the content marketing industry in their own right, reveal the strategies they’ve used to create repeatable and sustainable growth for hundreds of clients over the previous decade.

SiegeLearn covers everything from content ideation to execution, best practices for outreach, ranking and optimization tactics, and more. 

12. SEO That Works by Brian Dean

Check Out the 16 Best Content Marketing Courses In 2022

Brian Dean’s SEO That Works is one of the greatest intermediate courses on SEO’s *content* side. In this course, Brian addresses excellent topics such as “linkreators” (those who can give you links), why they are frequently your key audience for content, and how to infuse specific qualities into your content to make it more shareable and linkable.

If you want a crash course in efficient and productive blogging, this is the place to go. It is no surprise that Brian, who probably receives hundreds of thousands to millions of views per month from a handful of dozen blog entries, may be the best person to teach high leverage SEO.

13. The University of California, Davis’s “The Strategy of Content Marketing”

This online course provides students with a bird’s-eye view of content marketing strategy covering everything from customer journeys to content’s different strategic functions. (Fun fact: “affinity content” and “action content” are not the same thing.) The nearly 17-hour session, taught by Sonia Simone, a chief content officer of Rainmaker Digital, emphasizes the necessity of understanding and empathizing with your audience.

14. Use Content to Unleash Your Influence

Check Out the 16 Best Content Marketing Courses In 2022

Top of Mind: Use Content to Unleash Your Influence, a LinkedIn Learning course, may help professionals grasp the power of content. The goal is to create content that will influence, attract, and keep customers. It explains how to use the content, gain customer trust, and confidently express the brand message.

The course covers:

  • Developing a business mind
  • Social media and digital content
  • Creating connections and trust 
  • Recognizing internet changes and their impact on the marketplace
  • Marketing through content

The course summarizes getAbstract to get consistent leads and benefit from the relevant messaging.

15. BEST of SEO: #1 SEO Training & Content Marketing Course

BEST of SEO: #1 SEO Training & Content Marketing Course 2022 on Udemy is about content marketing, SEO, and copywriting consultant. This course is suitable for SEO consultants, website admins, website owners, influencers, B2C, B2B, affiliate marketers, bloggers, start-ups, growth hackers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, creatives, content creators, marketers, job seekers, and anybody else who is interested.

Candidates will be able to learn:

  • Understanding SEO through the use of snippers, video features, and so on.
  • Discovering methods to comprehend high-quality backlinks,
  • Mastering on-page and off-page SEO, UX signals, mobile SEO, and other techniques,
  • Responsive WordPress websites,
  • CTR increases using rich snippets and Google features, 
  • SEO keyword research and analytics guide, 
  • SEO principles and acquiring access to its capabilities
  • Understanding SEO rich snippets and Google search SEO,
  • Understanding SEO for local businesses is essential, as is effective video SEO.

The course includes professional copywriting templates, course materials, free lifetime access, and a PDF including tools and tasks. It will aid in outreach strategies, picture manipulation, high-quality links, and Yoast setups.

16. The Strategy of Content Marketing by Coursera

Check Out the 16 Best Content Marketing Courses In 2022

Copyblogger is a content marketing authority website, and this course is a collaboration between copy bloggers and UC Davis University. It is not a course for beginners but rather for those who understand the fundamentals of content marketing and want to learn how to develop a content marketing plan. In terms of duration, it takes about 17 hours to finish this course.

The following topics are covered in the course:

  • The Ecosystem of Content Marketing
  • The Strategic Situation (The 7A Framework)
  • Making a Journey Map: Creating a Content Marketing Plan
  • The Strategic Content Types Managing Your Content

If you work for a firm and want to learn how to utilize content marketing to establish a professional brand and authority, this is the course.


We examined the most popular content marketing training providers to assist you in finding the finest content marketing education. Courses were chosen based on the quality of the content, the reputation of the training provider, and certification. Our list contains the best content marketing courses available right now. Some of them are free, while others need a little expenditure. An investment that will undoubtedly pay for itself once you begin utilizing all of the tactics and techniques you learned in the courses.

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