17 Tips For Scaling Your SEO Content Strategy

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17 Tips For Scaling Your Seo Content Strategy

Content marketing assists your company in promoting its brands, goods, and services. As a result, your company may be ready to extend its content marketing. Here are some tips for scaling your SEO content strategy without making it too complicated.

If you want to scale your SEO content strategy, you must prepare ahead of time. You can discover the most effective methods for constantly delivering timely, relevant, and interesting content. Most importantly, you can get the most value from your content marketing efforts.

This article will go over 17 tips to help you scale your SEO Content Strategy in 2022. 

1. Begin with your objectives.

We constantly remind our content marketing customers that they need to know their destination before we can give them a road map—and the same is valid for SEO. You need to know what you’re attempting to do and what benchmarks you want to hit—whether it’s boosting traffic, obtaining leads, or improving your online reputation. Set goals and make sure they are compatible for content and SEO, if not identical.

2. Develop buyer personas.

17 Tips For Scaling Your Seo Content Strategy

There’s an adage in SEO circles that Google won’t love you until everyone else does. This indicates that the key to search engine success is to create content that humans value. Creating buyer personas to adjust content to consumer interests ensures more than just better content. You’re also ensuring more successful SEO.

3. Conduct keyword research.

Use Google Ads keyword research tools—or anything similar—to find some relevant search terms for your business. Don’t stuff your content with keywords, and aim to avoid keyword density of more than 1 or 2 percent—but do use those keywords to give your writing structure.

4. Combine content creation and link building.

17 Tips For Scaling Your Seo Content Strategy

Link building is primarily an SEO activity, but it can also improve the effectiveness of your content. For example, through link development, you may be able to perform some guest posting on authoritative industry sites, which will not only magnify your written content but broaden your reach—a win.

5. Conduct a content audit on your organization’s website.

You want to ensure that your website is well-written and user-friendly. Still, you can also examine it to assess the SEO impact of your titles, headlines, and meta descriptions, making the site more visible to search bots and Google algorithms.

6. Include SEO as part of the writing process.

17 Tips For Scaling Your Seo Content Strategy

If this does not occur, it may result in optimizations being done after the content has been completed. This eliminates the potential for the writer to use relevant keywords with high search traffic while constructing the content. Including SEO early in the writing process leads to a more efficient writing process.

7. Communicate writing tasks with your SEO team. 

To schedule content writing, some businesses use email or a calendar. When the SEO staff is informed, it helps keep the SEO plan on track. When looking to scale your brand SEO content strategy, it is important that you create a seamless channel between your content writers and the SEO team. 

8. In your keyword research, include a link gap analysis for keyword competition. 

17 Tips For Scaling Your Seo Content Strategy

Inform the content team about keyword competitiveness so that writers know whether or not to target highly competitive keywords. You do not have to omit keywords with high competition, but the company should be aware of the competition. This enables the corporation to decide whether to invest in link building in this case.

9. Set up Content Workflows and Writing Processes. 

Workflows can be used to organize content-related tasks. For example, a workflow can include all processes that must be accomplished before a piece of material is published. As a result, the content production cycle becomes more transparent. Furthermore, a workflow can assist your company in producing high-quality content faster and more efficiently than ever before.

10. Utilize Automation Tools

17 Tips For Scaling Your Seo Content Strategy

Use marketing tools to automate time-consuming content marketing processes. These tools can be used at any point in the content marketing cycle. They may also assist you in maximizing the success of your content marketing campaign.

Determine which content marketing chores should be automated. You can then assess content marketing automation technologies and select those that match your needs.

11. Conduct Brainstorming Sessions for the Content Marketing Team.

Meet with members of the content marketing team regularly. You can organize brainstorming sessions to evaluate your content marketing triumphs and failures. These seminars enable team members to express their feedback. You can use this feedback to determine methods to strengthen your content marketing.

Maintain open channels of contact with members of the content marketing team. Encourage team members to provide comments.

12. Make evergreen content.

17 Tips For Scaling Your Seo Content Strategy

Creating evergreen content can have a significant impact on your SEO content strategy. It takes less updating than timely content and can score well for high-volume keywords.

The longer a piece of information is relevant in search, the more likely it will rise to the top of the SERPs. As a result, your content can rank and bring organic traffic to your site for years to come. While you should develop evergreen content tailored to your industry and audience, here are a few pointers to get you started.

13. Establish a regular blogging routine.

Every blog post or web page you write does not have to be part of a topic cluster. Writing on tangential issues that your clients care about can also help you gain authority with Google’s algorithms.

With that in mind, commit to blogging at least once a week. Remember that you are writing for your readers, not search engines, so research your target market and write about topics they are interested in.

14. Compress Your Media Files Before Posting to Increase Page Speed.

17 Tips For Scaling Your Seo Content Strategy

This is a minor but critical stage in the SEO process, particularly mobile optimization.

As your blog or website increases in popularity, you’ll have more photographs, videos, and associated media to accompany your content. These visual elements help keep your visitors’ attention, but it’s easy to overlook that they might be pretty enormous. Because page speed is an essential ranking element, you should keep track of the size of the media files you upload to your site.

15. Keep up with the latest SEO trends and best practices.

The search engine landscape, like marketing, is constantly changing. Keeping up with current trends and best practices is a crucial tactic, and there are numerous internet tools to assist you. Here are a few resources to consider:

16. Optimize your existing content.

17 Tips For Scaling Your Seo Content Strategy

Devote some time each month to upgrading old blog entries with new and up-to-date content to maintain your rating in SERPs. You can also take this time to add any SEO best practices that were not previously handled, such as missing picture alt text.

17. Keep an eye out for changing keywords and new search intent.

Track how your blog entries rank over time and which keywords they rank for. This might help you modify subheadings and copy to capitalize on new search intent that your audience may be interested in.

In Conclusion

17 Tips For Scaling Your Seo Content Strategy

Ranking high in search results might be challenging for the average business. So while it may appear appealing to develop content focusing on high-traffic keywords, this technique may not help you accomplish your company objectives.

Instead, for greater marketing success, develop an SEO content strategy that assists you in addressing your specific business objectives, such as improving customer acquisition and increasing brand influence.

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