9 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

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9 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

As the digital world accelerates, it can feel like you’re fighting to remain afloat on a never-ending tsunami of content creation. So, how do you stay focused? How do you provide high-quality search engine optimized (SEO) content? And how can you come up with ideas that will cause even the smallest ripple in the massive online ocean we call the Internet?

We understand your anguish, content writers, but don’t worry. Because in today’s blog, we’ll provide the best free content writing tools you’ll ever need.

  1. WordStream
9 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

WordStream is a simplified version of Google’s keyword planner that is free to use. First, enter a term of your choice, an industry, and your location. Then, when you click the big orange icon, you’ll get a list of keywords, their search volumes on Google and Bing, and the average CPC for each phrase on each ad network. This helps you drive search engine traffic through the use of the right keywords in your content.

  1. Keyword Density Checker
9 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

Keyword density is an essential ranking criterion used by search engines such as Google. As a content writer, this basic keyword density analyzer makes it simple to determine how often each keyword appears in your content to avoid excessive keyword mentions (also known as keyword stuffing). You can enter the text of your post and get a list of the most frequently occurring one-word, two-word, and three-word keywords.

  1. Grammarly
9 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

Grammarly is the first app that comes to mind whenever we talk about grammar. This online tool not only corrects grammar but also notifies you if your content is not engaging enough. It also consists of features that tell you the readability level of your content. 

As a content writer, Grammarly is the ideal tool for fine-tuning your content before publication, with its capabilities ranging from a grammar checker to an advanced writing tool that improves your overall content writing skill. More importantly, Grammarly offers both a free and paid version. 

  1. Read-Able
9 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

Read-able is an effective tool that ensures that your writing is accessible to your intended audience. When you paste content into Read-able, it automatically assigns your material a grade level based on its readability and comprehension. In addition, Read-Able will assist you in writing clear and concise sentences that are simpler to understand by a broad range of readers. 

In a nutshell, the main goal of Read-Able is all about matching the reading level of your work to that of your target audience to deliver the greatest reading experience possible.

  1. One Look
9 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

Writing is difficult, especially when you have to create a lot of content on the same or a group of topics. You may develop a pattern of utilizing the same phrases frequently, which search engines may interpret as keyword stuffing.

To circumvent this issue, you can use tools such as One Look to locate alternative vocabulary. It also has a reverse dictionary, where you can enter in a description and get what words match that description, which might be useful in those brain blip moments.

  1. SEMrush Writing Assistant
9 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

Any skilled content writer understands that quality writing is more than just choosing the right keywords. If you want to take your SEO content to the next level, you should pay attention to other important writing components, such as readability and originality. 

SEMrush Writing Assistant simplifies the process of optimizing every aspect of your writing, from the tone of voice to flow. This online tool will inform you whether your writing style is overly wordy or imprecise, allowing your content to appear more polished to your audience. Furthermore, SEMrush evaluates the SEO rank of your writing, serving as an additional tool in your SEO toolbox.

  1. DemandJump (Free Trial)
9 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

DemandJump has eliminated the guesswork associated with developing content that ranks. Insert your topic or what you want to write about, and DemandJump will generate a prioritized list of content for you to publish.

What’s the best part? They take it a step further by offering one-click SEO content briefs for any topic you wish to write about. DemandJump shows you what material to write and advises you how to create it, including recommended H1s, H2s, and keywords. 

  1. Answer the Public
9 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

Answer The Public is a free online service that visualizes search inquiries and suggests autocomplete searches in a search cloud image. Categories include the five Ws, as well as ‘how,’ ‘can,’ ‘are,’ ‘which,’ and ‘will.’

Assume you’re a SaaS content writer trying to create content to help B2B customers increase their online sales. It seems sensible to begin your keyword research with the phrase “B2B sales.” Answer the Public will give you an idea of the types of questions B2B salespeople have and the difficulties they confront when closing sales or reaching out to leads.

  1. Plagiarism Checker
9 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

After thoroughly examining your SEO content strategy, it’s time to start honing your writing skills. While you most likely know the significance of appropriate grammar and syntax, you may not have considered the risk of plagiarism. 

Search engines take plagiarism seriously and may punish your content if they discover that you have plagiarized someone else’s work. It’s a fantastic idea to utilize an effective online plagiarism detection tool to avoid this problem. This free online tool allows you to copy and paste your content to be checked for plagiarism. You can avoid duplicate writings and immediately increase your search engine rating by going the additional mile.

In Summary

Our 9 top free content writing tools cover every step of the content development process, from keyword research to spelling and grammatical checks. We hope you can use some of these tools and start saving time and effort while creating organic search content. If you require more support, our SEO and Content Writing agency can assist you with scaling your content. To learn more, schedule an introduction call now.

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