How Marketing Automation Helps Businesses Grow in 2021

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How Marketing Automation Helps Businesses

Companies cannot afford to waste time, energy, and resources while running their business operations. Their need for higher productivity and efficiency has forced them to incorporate technological advancements.

Automation is one such solution that has helped them generate better results over the years, especially by coupling it with marketing.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is about automating the marketing activities for a company, individual, or organization. Since the marketing departments often have tasks that are repetitive, it is important to automate them for better efficiency.

Not only that, marketing automation allows them to create more personalized campaigns that further improve customer experience.

Features Of Marketing Automation

Here are the most important features of any marketing automation campaign:

How Marketing Automation Helps Businesses

1. Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of warming up cold leads, i.e., ensuring the leads convert with enticing email campaigns.

Marketing automation allows marketers to automate their email marketing campaigns. In this, the emails are triggered by the actions of potential customers inside a sales funnel.

2. CRM Integration

One of the best benefits of marketing automation is that businesses can effectively improve the transfer of lead information between marketing and sales departments. We will discuss more when we will share the benefits of using marketing automation below.

3. Forms and Landing Pages

A considerable part of any marketing automation campaign is landing pages. These pages help marketers capture potential customers’ information and use it further in the sales funnel.

4. Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is the method marketing automation campaigns decide whether a lead is relevant by analyzing the potential customers’ behavior and intent inside the sales funnel.

5. Personalized Marketing

Want to develop better relationships with customers? Use automation marketing to personalize your email marketing campaigns and generate better results.

6. Campaign Management

Want to nurture leads along the already existing sales cycle? Marketing automation for email marketing campaigns can help you send personalized messages to potential leads and improve the chances of conversion.

7. Social Media Management

Marketing automation can also enable you to automate the distribution of content across social media platforms. With this, you can save your time and distribute content from one dashboard.

Using a marketing technology tool like Buffer can assist with this automation.

Benefits Of Using Marketing Automation

The ultimate expectations from executing marketing automation are creating highly qualified leads, generating more conversions, scaling the marketing campaigns, and producing personalized customer experiences.

However, marketing automation has a lot more to deliver for your company.

How Marketing Automation Helps Businesses

1. Saves Time

Marketers should focus on creating revolutionary marketing campaigns and content that help businesses generate better results. Developing marketing campaigns involves processes that might take days or months to finish.

With automation, however, these processes have now been reduced to a few minutes! The time saved has helped marketers put their energy into developing campaigns that bring value to the target audience.

2. Efficient Budget Spend

With marketing automation, marketers do not have to spend a penny on operations that have minimum impact on the campaign result. These operations can now be automated, and the marketing budget can further create more resources and maximize campaign exposure.

This gives you better chances of creating campaigns that result in positive ROI.

3. Improve Sales and Marketing Relationship

Want to align sales and marketing departments in your organization?

Nothing will ever help you as a well-designed marketing automation campaign. Sales and marketing teams can now work together and close more deals as automation cuts down the time it takes both teams to come on the same page. The transparency within the campaign allows them to cooperate.

4. Marketing Automation Is Data-driven

Numbers don’t lie. And so does a data-driven marketing automation campaign.

How Marketing Automation Helps Businesses

When you automate the marketing campaigns, the automation platforms generate insights and forecasts that help marketers optimize their campaigns. Marketing automation achieves this by relying on AI and machine learning algorithms.


Now that you know what you can achieve with marketing automation, why don’t you give automation technology a shot?

We highly recommend executing automation strategies for your marketing campaigns to double down on generating better leads and higher revenue.

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