22 Types of Headlines

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22 Types of Headlines

We have various distinct strategies at our disposal to attract the attention of our customers. Marketers place high importance on imagery, ad language, and CTAs, but the quality of the headline often determines the success of any content — and the type of headline used.

In this post, we give you an overview of a headline and present you with a list of 22 different headlines you can use to lure readers.

So, What Exactly Is A Headline? 

A headline is a concise, attention-grabbing statement or question used to pique someone’s curiosity and compel them to read a piece of content, such as an article, commerce landing page, or advertisement. Its goal is to sell a notion, idea, or product.

22 types of headlines

Here is a list of 22 types of headlines you can use to capture the attention of readers:

  1. “How-To” Headlines
22 Types of Headlines

These headlines feature the phrase “how-to” and identify a work that teaches how to do something. You may summarize what your content will tell someone with this headline approach. This style of headline is commonly used to lead instructional writing.

Of course, if you use a “how-to” headline, you should use it to title content that follows through on your promise.

Example: How to Design a Man Cave

  1. “Why” Headlines

Just as “how-to” headlines lead to content that explains how to accomplish something, “why” headlines lead to content that explores the reason for something, and they can showcase an explanation or opinion piece.

Example: Why are cats loved by many

  1. Question Headlines
22 Types of Headlines

As the name suggests, question headlines offer a question to the reader. As a result, they sometimes overlap with “how-to” and “why” headlines, and they follow a similar principle: make sure you answer the question raised by your title.

Example: Do You Know Why LeBron James is Considered an NBA Great?

  1. Direct Response Headlines

A direct response headline adheres to the principles of direct response copywriting. To understand the first concept, you must first understand the second.

According to HubSpot, direct response copywriting is copywriting that demands a specific action, such as a purchase, sign-up, or download. It entails considerable research, A/B testing, and knowledge of human psychology, with the goal of direct response copywriting being to encourage a sale.

Example: How To Write Your Winning Sales Copy In 48 Hours Or Less…

  1. Direct headline
22 Types of Headlines

A direct headline indicates the purpose of an article. It usually includes details from the article to summarize the overall idea. When you utilize a direct headline, readers know exactly what they will read or see.

Example: 10 Mercedes Benz Cars Pictures to See 

  1. Indirect headline

An indirect title adopts a subtle approach by hinting at the main idea of an article. However, because it does not explain the main point explicitly, it piques the reader’s interest in finding out what the piece is about.

Example: Popular Car Manufacturers Take A New Direction In 2022.

  1. News headlines
22 Types of Headlines

Important announcements regarding a firm or its products are made in the news headlines. Journalists frequently utilize these headlines in news articles to efficiently transmit current information to the public.

Example: Local Barbershop Announces New Operating Hours Amid Pandemic.

  1. Kicker Headlines

A kicker headline is another type of journalism headline you’ll encounter in a newspaper’s print edition. A kicker, according to Merriam-Webster, appears near the main headline of an item and gives context or sparks curiosity. A newspaper may use a kicker when a single headline requires additional information or creative touch.

Example: In this online version of a Washington Post print piece, you can see a kicker in action: Future automakers, a difficult road ahead.

  1. Testimonial Headlines
22 Types of Headlines

A testimonial headline employs a testimonial quote to draw the reader into your article. It can be used as a title for a testimonial page, but you may also see it on an ad or landing page. A testimonial headline, like a full testimonial, draws the readers in by presenting the perspective of another client to whom they may relate.

Example: This Cooking Recipe Course Saved Me Hours Of Meal Prep Each Week!

  1. List Headlines

Listicles (articles made up of a list of ideas, suggestions, or instructions) are a growing type of internet content. When you curate a list headline for one of these posts, you want it to stand out. Whatever your list covers, make sure your headline clearly states the amount of things in your piece and the list’s subject.

Example: X Rules to Follow When You’re Visiting Napa Valley

  1. Inspirational Headlines
22 Types of Headlines

Inspirational headlines are emotional headlines that use inspiration to sell a product or frame an uplifting story. They tend to use optimistic language that creates feelings of hope, accomplishment, or self-improvement. Inspiring headlines can be found in website copy, ad copy, and journalistic writing.

Example: To The Girl, Who Believed in Her Dream

  1. Emotional Headline

Emotional headlines often target either a good or negative emotion to entice readers to read an article. To do this, writers choose strong terms such as affordable and stressed.

Example: Surefire Ways You Can Prevent Work Fatigue in 2022

  1. Wordplay Headline
22 Types of Headlines

A wordplay headline employs a unique wording and phrase, generally in the form of a pun or irony. Companies frequently use similar titles to make a less important topic seem entertaining.

Example: Local Auto Race Hits Speed Bumps on the Road

  1. Brand name Headline

Brand name headlines use well-known organizations to compare a company’s operations or products to its competitors. This can be beneficial for young businesses attempting to compete in a market with a more established corporation.

Example: Tesla Expected to Gain More Popularity Than Mercedes EV

  1. Best Headline
22 Types of Headlines

Best headlines prioritize certain items over others. These can entice users looking for high-quality material, such as the greatest restaurants to try or the best computer to buy.

Example: Best Tech Companies To Work in After College

  1. Challenging Beliefs Headline

Using a reverse psychology tactic, a challenging belief headline persuades people to read on. Typically, these headlines begin with “You won’t believe…”, enticing readers to read the story to see if it truly surprised them.

Example: You Won’t Believe How Celebrities Are Losing Body Fat in Days

  1. Confrontational headline.
22 Types of Headlines

Confrontational headlines are persuasive because they attract those who agree with or disagree with the title. In addition, posing a controversial perspective can tempt people to read the material and discover if it changed or reinforced their pre-existing beliefs.

Example: 12 Reasons Why Car Gas Emissions Is Hurting the Planet

  1. “Science-based” headline

This headline backs up a claim by providing scientific data and proof. Writers use these headlines for publications that contain research on a specific topic.

Example: Scientists Believe Coronavirus Variants Are About To Emerge From Mars

  1. Number/Statistics Headlines
22 Types of Headlines

Consider employing a number or statistic when you need to make a strong point with your headline. Whether you work as a journalist or a marketer, some writing pieces allow you to back your point with a figure right in the headline. Number headlines lead to content in advertising, digital material, and journalism, encompassing both short-form and long-form content. If you intend to use a number or statistic in your headline, use one that has a significant impact.

Example: 53% increase in revenue will turn more heads than a 3% increase. 

  1. Versus Headlines 

A vs. headline contrasts two products or items against each other to let the reader draw a comparison. You might come across them under the headings shopping guides or instructive articles – usually not short-form content.

This style of title facilitates searches — both on an SEO and human level — by describing the two subjects that the article will compare.

Example: Social Media Management Tools Review: Hootsuite vs. Buffer 

  1. Clickbait Headlines
22 Types of Headlines

The fundamental objective of clickbait titles is to acquire as many clicks as possible – often at any cost. A clickbait title can technically be of high quality, but the term has gained such a bad connotation that most people associate clickbait with low-quality headlines.

Most clickbait headlines forcefully appeal to emotion to drive clicks and sharing, and they sometimes may not correspond to the actual material that follows them.

Example: Lose 10 pounds of body weight per week with this ancient secret

  1. Location-based Headlines

Location-specific headlines entice readers by making them feel included in facts that only a few people would be aware of. These headlines highlight something that individuals in a specific area have in common.

Example: 7 Things Anyone Who Lives in Atlanta Knows To Be True

The Bottom Line

When it comes to driving traffic and social shares, your headline is the most crucial component of your article. However, writing a fantastic headline is not easy; it requires a lot of practice and understanding.

In this article, we’ve shown you 22 potential types of headlines that you can use right away to improve the attraction of your content to your viewers. So begin using them as soon as feasible. You’ll see an immediate improvement and continue to improve as you apply the methods over time.

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