15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

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15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

It is no longer news that customers are more likely to remember the graphics they see on the internet compared to text. And a simple way to make yours appealing enough to catch their attention is by improving it using the best photo editing tools.

Photo editing tools allow you to take your brand graphics to the next level. These tools come in handy when producing photos for your product sites, social media campaigns, or selecting images for eBooks and blog posts. The finest photo editor allows you to delete undesirable aspects from photos, draw attention to important parts, and even modify critical factors such as brightness, contrast, and color.

Unfortunately, many of the best photo editors are rather pricey. If you’re starting your visual content strategy, you might not have the funds to invest in something like Photoshop or Lightroom. That’s why we’ve compiled a selection of the top 15 photo editing tools suitable for novices.

1. Taler

Taler, designed particularly for social media picture editing, is excellent for making your brand stand out on social platforms. Users can easily browse many professionally designed templates and generate appropriately sized content for sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

Taler provides customized fonts and text designs, brand color, logo uploads, and curated templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch. It’s hardly unexpected that the software features designs for online stores or enterprises because Shopify created it.

2. Fotor

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

Fotor is a free browser-based photo editor that allows users to create designs, collages, and edit photographs without having to download any complicated software. The design is simple, with various features for things like Instagram advertising and product photos.

Fotor makes it simple to add photo editing techniques such as filters to your material and remove undesirable distortion. For example, you can remove red eyes, create custom borders, and add text to any photo. There’s even access to many bespoke photo effects that other apps don’t have.

3. Pixlr

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

Pixlr is an outstanding online photo editor that helps you produce better photographs in your browser and was recently upgraded in 2021. AI-powered tools are available to assist you in creating more professional edits, as well as a choice of design templates, pre-made filters, and collages. You can even erase the backdrop from your photographs rapidly.

Pixlr is ideal for adding creative photographs to your next marketing campaign, thanks to its extensive library of filters and one-click effects. It’s also relatively simple to use for newcomers.


15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Processor, is a cutting-edge editing system designed for professionals that are maybe the most incredible free alternative to Photoshop on the market. GIMP is a highly flexible and versatile program that is a little more complicated than some of the finest free photo editor solutions discussed.

You may personalize your editing experience by adding unique filters and brushes and even changing the look of your interface. There is also a lot of functionality for saving photographs in various file formats.

5. Apple Photos

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

Apple Photos, explicitly designed for iOS users, is more than just a photo collection; it’s also a free image editor. Upload your photographs into the editor via iCloud or camera roll, and you’ll have access to various simple editing tools, such as filters, retouching, and even contrast and brightness settings.

Apple Photos can edit films, making it ideal for creating 360-degree product images for your website or sales pages.

6. Movavi Simple Photo Editor

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

Movavi is a straightforward and practical choice for anyone looking for the finest free photo editing software. You can use this service on Mac or Windows and enjoy a variety of simple photo editing capabilities such as custom cropping, image flipping and rotation, horizon leveling, and more.

For those who wish to make collage-style photographs, inserting images and stickers onto an existing shot is simple. A more powerful version of this software is also available for PC users.

7. Photofy

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

Another photo editing tool specially designed for collage creation, but this time it’s more serious and packed with multiple features. For example, you can not only add text to your photographs, but you can also easily include branded premium material such as cartoon characters (who wouldn’t want to add Shrek to all of their social media communication?). Great for experimenting with and developing professional marketing materials.

8. Snapseed

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

Snapseed is another excellent basic photo editing program with significantly more functionality oriented toward the professional user. Snapseed, for example, allows you to zoom in on a specific area of an image and bring it to life with increased lighting and focusing tools. As a result, it is ideal for marketers who rely on visuals to promote their products.

9. Polarr

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

Polarr is a browser-based tool for adding filters to images, adjusting picture sizes, and other tasks. When you first browse the website, you’ll learn to use features like filters and one-click photo modification solutions.

Polarr offers a variety of image-altering tools, including contrast modifications, highlights, brightness updates, and aspect ratio-based cropping, albeit it is not as complex as some other editing products. The color temperature and tint can also be adjusted.

10. Infogram

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

Infographics are excellent for increasing social media engagement and obtaining free backlinks and traffic to your website. “Infographics are “liked” and shared on social media 3X more than any other sort of content,” according to HubSpot.

 Infogram is a popular tool among marketers for creating visually appealing infographics, charts, and maps. The platform includes 20 ready-made infographic themes, 35 chart designs, and 500 map designs for you to customize and create your visuals.

11. Color Story

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

Have you had enough photo editing filters that dull the color in all of your images? Soft, muted visuals have their place, but viewers have grown tired of seeing them and are yearning for something new, snarky, and much more vibrant. Color Story is an app that restores the vibrancy of color to your photographs, making them more exciting and eye-catching.

12. BeFunky

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

BeFunky is a free online photo editor for essential image modifications such as color generation, filters, and photo editing. BeFunky is an excellent choice for changing the background color of a product photograph or updating the design of a social media post.

A built-in Graphic Designer feature allows you to design custom templates for postures, brochures, and other sales assets for individuals who want to produce stuff like postures, brochures, and other sales assets. You can turn photos into works of art with various effects, crop and resize photographs, and batch operations.

13. PhotoPad

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

Don’t be fooled by the simple interface; PhotoPad is a sophisticated free photo editing software solution with many useful features. You may crop, resize, and rotate your images, apply color filters and warping, and even include clipart. There are also numerous retouching programs available for automatically removing noise and distortion.

NCH Software’s PhotoPad includes advanced capabilities such as captioning, drawing tools, pre-made borders, collage possibilities, and painting effects. You can also alter the aspect ratio and load a variety of file formats.

14. PhotoScape X

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

PhotoScape X claims to have all you need to edit and personalize photographs in one simple program. GIF generation, photo combining, color selection, screen capture, and collage creation are all included in the app. In addition, you can crop photos, remove the background, and change the brightness and saturation settings.

Because there are so many features to discover, PhotoScape includes a variety of video and written lessons to help you get started. Unfortunately, this also implies that the software has a steeper learning curve than other free alternatives.

15. Canva

15 Best Photo Editing Tools To Make Marketing Easy

Canva, one of the more well-known free image editing software solutions, is a simple and effective solution suitable for all types of content creation. Canva, like Taler, has a massive library of pre-sized social media layouts. In addition, there are drag-and-drop customizing tools and a plethora of stock pictures, vectors, and pre-made graphics.

You can use pre-made filters to modify your images and access features such as brightness tweaks, contrast, saturation, and vignettes. There is also a premium edition available with more editing capabilities.

Summary: The Best Free Photo Editing Software for 2022

Photo editing software is becoming increasingly important as the quality of social media images rises. Even simple photo editing software may transform the most basic pictures into breathtaking works of art. And the good news is that you don’t need a large marketing budget to outperform your competitors on Facebook or Twitter; you need the correct tools.

Employing free photo editing tools can make your life and content marketing easier. With a few clicks, you can convert your images into artwork or brandable assets for use on marketing channels.

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