12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

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12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

It is common knowledge that we live in a world dominated by digital technologies. As a result, it has never been more critical for organizations to take a more personalized, customer-centric strategy. Modern businesses have various options for handling their customer care and support demands thanks to the advent of the most advanced technical solutions.

However, incorporating numerous technological tools into your business processes may cause disruptions in your ongoing operations. Fortunately, the best client portal software packages are intended to interact smoothly with your existing systems.

More importantly, these tools are challenging to set up or require specific system prerequisites. To assist you in selecting the best software, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best client portal software options. Continue reading to learn more about each tool, including the best features, pros and disadvantages, and pricing.

What is client portal software?  

A client portal software is a customer portal application that serves as a self-service platform. The portal gives customers 24-hour access to precise information about your products and services. It can be a web application or a website that provides secure client portal storage space for sharing and distributing vital information and documents.

This software solution enables businesses to construct various specialized support portals, establish community forum software options, and keep their employees informed. Self-service web portals and community forums are wonderful ways for businesses to develop a secure client portal that can serve as a digital portal for their customer base.

Top 12 Client Portal Software in 2022

Client portal software should be aligned with your company’s aims and suit your customers’ needs. Below, we’ve highlighted the benefits and drawbacks of some of the top client portal software. Use this list to help you decide which one is best for you.

1. SuiteDash

12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

SuiteDash is more than just a client portal application; it is a whole cloud-based and fully integrated platform. As a result, this software solution is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. While many companies struggle to get several solutions to operate together, SuiteDash easily solves this obstacle.

It gives you access to the most regularly used features, tools, and options for effectively handling customer service and support demands. If your firm is seeking an all-in-one solution, SuiteDash may be the appropriate fit for your business and customer service needs.


  • CRM and a full-featured client portal
  • Management of tasks and projects
  • Tool for intuitive collaboration and file sharing
  • Subscription payments that are recurring, invoiced, and estimated
  • Drip and email marketing software
  • Privacy-protecting messaging
  • Customer service via live chat and in real time
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliance

2. Monday.com

12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

Monday.com is a client portal software with an integrated CRM that allows businesses to handle client data in a much more effective and organized manner by monitoring and tracking all customer interactions and operations in distinct threads.

The system can create fully customized dashboards, giving your customer support team a clear and structured picture of all business possibilities, performance, processes, sales, etc. In addition, it enables you to communicate your progress with your customers/clients and is appropriate for enterprises of all sizes.


  • Dashboards that can be shared with clients
  • Notifications of upcoming deadlines and automatic reminders
  • Task assignment and scheduling are automated.
  • Capturing and generating leads online
  • FAQ sites, community forums, client guides, courses, and webinars
  • Platform adoption and rapid onboarding
  • Storage for files

3. Nifty 

12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

Nifty is a great project management application that can be quickly customized and transformed into a real-time, feature-rich client portal. Nifty is used by many businesses to bring customer cooperation, communication, and management under one roof to increase team efficiency, customer service, and other aspects.

The tool can shorten project development cycles, but its greatest strength is its ability to combine automation, communication, and collaboration in a single user-friendly platform. As a result, it’s an ideal option for businesses that want client and customer contacts, project stakeholders, and organizational goals to be structured and on time.


  • Dashboard for project portfolio organization by folders, clients, department, or team
  • Task scheduling and assignment that is automated
  • Automated invitations, document creation, tracking progress and task fulfillment, and track-list milestones are all built-in.
  • Client authorization
  • Project overviews, an open API, task and milestone dependencies, and task recurrence are all examples of features.
  • Onboarding features such as video tutorials and live chat support are available.

4. Kahootz

12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

While Kahootz has a steep learning curve and requires IT consulting, training, and technical knowledge, your customer care employees will benefit from a user-friendly, powerful tool for secure communication and collaboration in a cloud-based environment. It enables customer service and support personnel to set up workplaces and promptly give high levels of cooperation to clients.

Kahootz’s greatest strength is its extraordinary level of security. The software has numerous safety and security safeguards to protect the safety of your data. More crucially, it provides alternatives for independently auditing security credentials, making Kahootz an ideal solution for governments, significant organizations, etc.


  • Advanced document management with procedures for approval, direct editing, and version control
  • Client-friendly and interesting databases allow customers to vote on product/service enhancements, personalized and tailored surveys for getting client feedback
  • Controls for client content management
  • Online community containing blogs, articles, and discussion boards
  • Personalization and customization options

5. Zendesk

12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

Zendesk is a well-known cloud-based customer support software that allows organizations to construct customer and client portals with various self-service options. When you purchase the Zendesk Suite, you gain access to multiple tools such as talk, chat, guide, and support.

Zendesk is a superb all-in-one solution for businesses that require full-featured customer service, including a client portal.


  • Advanced task management
  • Social media monitoring
  • Collaboration tools
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Personalized customer service and support via the Guide feature, with additional self-help alternatives
  • Live chat and messaging system for real-time consumer involvement
  • Zendesk marketplace integrations
  • System for managing tickets

6. Clinked

12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

Clinked is an outstanding option for businesses that require an efficient method of maintaining and managing continuous collaboration and communication with their consumers. It is one of the most excellent methods for file sharing. It enables your customer support and service personnel to communicate with customers immediately, provide important information, provide vital assistance and service, and much more.

Clinked’s most significant advantage is its collaboration tools, built explicitly for customer care and support workers. If your customers prefer private discussions, Clinked is the method to deliver personalized service while allowing them to provide comments, view online information, chat with your customer care, and more.


  • Storage for file sharing is limitless (depending on the plan)
  • Other customer service capabilities include group chat, live discussions, a shared calendar, and reminders.
  • Client conversations in private at multiple locations
  • Robust mobile optimization and support

7. Onehub

12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

Onehub was created to be a traditional cloud-based file-sharing software application for companies of all sizes. Aside from its many file-sharing choices, Onehub deserves to be on our list for other reasons. When it comes to meeting your client portal requirements, wonderful capabilities such as workspace customization, activity tracking, communication, and collaboration are available.


  • Workplace personalization
  • Dropbox file sharing and administration
  • Uploading multiple files at once
  • Setting permissions for additional security
  • View file previews and allow customers to interact with your material through tasks, comments, alerts, and notifications.
  • Indexing numerically automatically

8. Huddle

12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

Huddle is a free client portal that works with any web browser. It’s an easy-to-use client portal solution ideal for recording all activities and interactions, discussions and communication with clients, file sharing, data exchange, and more.

Huddle can be integrated with Microsoft Office Online to enable users to co-edit and evaluate all documents exchanged. The software has superb collaboration and file sharing functions, and the fact that it is free only adds to its appeal.


  • Using the file sharing system, you can upload and download files up to 10 GB in size.
  • Integrations with Microsoft Office and G Suite
  • Accessibility and mobile optimization
  • Capability to share multiple files (up to 500 files at a time)

9. Supportbee

12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

Despite being essentially an email ticketing system, Suppportbee offers many excellent choices for most client portal requirements. Aside from extensive email setup and ticket management tools, Supportbee gives everything your customer care team needs to conduct client interactions from a single, unified location.

To ensure no customer request or inquiry goes unanswered, Supportbee will automatically transform new emails into support tickets.


  • Ticket management and assignment, including forwarding, commenting, and more
  • Increase the size of your sending email attachments to 20 MB and the amount of receiving file attachments to 100 MB.
  • Email ticketing system with ticket forwarding, auto-responder, spam filtering, customer satisfaction ratings, etc.
  • HTML email rendering

10. Mendix

12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

Here’s another viable method for firms to create customer portals. Mendix allows you to fully adapt and customize your client portals to meet better the needs of your customer service and customers/clients.

You may use Mendix to create a durable, scalable, and portable client portal application that you can quickly deploy anywhere. This program enables you to provide a multi-experience for your clients by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to create an intelligent and intuitive client portal where they can effortlessly tap into conversations, access relevant information, and more.


  • Cloud deployment for client portal development
  • For the best user experience, combine several experiences with context-aware and visual design.
  • Cognitive enhancements for your portal
  • Integration of data
  • Automation of the entire process
  • Management of agile projects
  • Features of visual modeling

11. Lucion 

12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

Even though Lucion is intended to be a document/file management program, there is more to this great piece of technology than meets the eye. Lucion is a fantastic client portal for small businesses and startups, delivering one of the most secure file-sharing options on the market.

Lucion has many great features that make it popular among small enterprises. This client portal software is mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop compatible, offering numerous customization and personalization possibilities for both users and clients.


  • Custom color schemes and brand logos are available for personalizing the gateway.
  • Client portal fully integrated with FileCenter file management and document sharing system
  • Files sent/received from/from clients
  • Schedule shared folders and files before and after sharing and transferring data, with the possibility to define expiration dates for all shared data.
  • Client access is unrestricted.
  • Advanced file management and organization

12. Accelo

12 Best Client Portal Software for 2022

Accelo is a user-friendly client portal system that allows organizations to follow each client’s billing history. Accelo was designed with a self-service approach, allowing your clients to utilize the portal features to search emails, documents, and files. At the same time, users may update files and receive email notifications when clients provide comments.


  • Customer-centric process automation
  • Flexible email ticketing
  • Email alerts and notifications
  • Business service management software
  • Streamlined processes with CRM integrated in
  • Manage funds, statistics, time, tickets, and requests.
  • Inbox of the team
  • Client data
  • Dashboard of Issues
  • Client portal Cloud-based ServOps Activity tracking

Which Client Portal Software Should You Use?

Your business objectives will determine the perfect client portal software for you and your business. Some client portals are self-service, while others include collaboration facilities. For example, if you work in digital marketing, you may require a platform for sharing and updating essential consumer reports.

Set up your client portal software to match the specific needs of your customers. Customize your platform to fit your brand and provide a user-friendly navigation guide for clients to follow. Customers will appreciate their portal and the help they receive with the correct development and coaching.

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