11 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important 2021

11 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important 2021

Is social media marketing important? A vast population of the world uses social media, making social media marketing quite effective for marketing efforts. With the right strategy, you can reach millions of people without investing a hefty amount of money spent.

If your business or company is not on social media, this would be time to get started.  We will explain why social media marketing is important.

1. Brand Awareness

Social media can quickly build your brand awareness and visibility to potential customers. The first step is to create your business profile on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to start reaching out and engaging with your audiences (tips: every social channel will have its own audience, so you must A/B test your content to see which channel has the best conversions).

Post regular content on your social media accounts, connect with your existing customers, and don’t be afraid to ask them to spread your message. Spreading your message by your customers will build your brand’s awareness that’s cost-efficient!

Also, make sure to join community groups on Facebook and Linkedin. By engaging with members and posting regularly, they will quickly recognize your brand.

2. Inexpensive

The second reason why social media marketing is important for your business is the cost-effectiveness of it.

Creating a social media business profile is free. 

Although it requires effort and consistency with making the correct content, once you have loyal followers and build that trust, you can leverage your organic posting for free to convert those followers to customers


3. Customer Engagement

Engaging with your existing customers is a great way to know where your brand stands. Ask them what they like in your business and use that information to come up with ways to add more value to their journey to create better content.

Plus, the higher the engagement rate, the better your chances for conversion. Research suggests 71% of customers that have a positive interaction on social media are likely to recommend your brand to family/friends. 


4. Brand Loyalty & Customer Satisfaction

11 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

A business with a social media presence makes it easier for customers to contact. Customer interaction/satisfaction and brand loyalty usually go hand to hand, so always be sure to engage with your audience, whether it’s through direct messaging or on a direct post.

Be responsive and always stay focused on customer service regardless of your business inquires a negative comment or review.

Moreover, when a brand responds with a customized message to its customers on social media, it shows its customers’ business value of care.


5. Marketplace Awareness

Social media platforms allow you to understand what your customers want and need. Customers’ engagement on your posts as well as direct messages can make you aware of the marketplace. It can help you improve your social media marketing strategy along the way.

Is the content on Facebook having more engagement and conversions than Instagram?

Is the content on Twitter doing better than Instagram?

After testing each social channel’s content, you will see which social channel has the best market to convert your followers to customers.


6. Increased Brand Authority

Establishing authority in your industry can be time-consuming.

However, with the right content strategy, consistency in posting, and effective communication with your audience, you can quickly build your brand authority.

Once you provide your customers with a positive purchase from your products or services, this in hand, can create “word of mouth” and build brand authority for your business by bringing more customers.


7. Traffic Increase

11 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

Social media marketing is important because it can bring a traffic increase to your website.

By sharing content information like blogs, sales, and services to your profile, your business will have a higher chance of your followers clicking on your website in your social profiles.

The higher the quality of your content that resonates, the better chance you will see traffic increase with the possibility of generating conversions on your website.


8. Improved SEO Rankings

SEO rank factors are continuously changing. Simply put, publishing an SEO friendly blog post and updating your website is not enough to rank on the search engines.

Social media plays an important role now.

Social content posts from your business send Google a signal that your content is high-quality and shareable, which boosts your website’s organic ranking.


9. More Qualified Leads

Social media allows you to build a niche-based community for free. Your followers are following you because either they like your content, products, or services. They are genuinely interested in your business.

So, when you market your product or services to your followers, you maximize the chances of generating more qualified leads that will convert.


10. Expanding Community 

11 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

Social media is essential because you can leverage your existing community to expand your brand’s reach. Once your followers become loyal to your brand, they will help spread the word to other people.

People are more likely to trust a friend or a family member when making a buying decision. It’s essential to focus on community building as it attracts relevant people without costing you money.

So, when you market your product or services to your followers, you maximize the chances of generating more qualified leads that will convert.


11. Advanced Targeting Options

A primary reason why social media marketing brings great ROI is its ability to target your prospects directly.

Social media platforms have data for every user around the world. You can use that data to your advantage by running paid advertisement campaigns.

For instance, Facebook allows you to target your prospects based on age, sex, location, and even interests, enabling you to optimize your ads for a specific group of people.

Unlike TV commercials, social media allows you to put your business in front of genuinely interested people in your services.


Final Thoughts

These were the 11 reasons why social media marketing is essential for your business. If you are not leveraging social media’s power for your business, this would be the perfect time to start.  

Social media marketing builds brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

It’s cost-effective, improves SEO, and brings traffic to your website. 

You can build a community of loyal followers on social media by sharing high-quality content and providing top-notch customer service. Your existing community will act as your brand ambassadors and attract new customers. 

How Smarketors Can Help

At Smarketors, we can help your business create fast-moving, frequent, and high-quality content.

Build relationships with engagements, and increase website exposure for traffic and conversions. 

We work with you to understand your business’s ins and outs to create strategies for your social campaigns.  

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