8 Content Marketing Tips You Must Never Ignore in 2021

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8 Content Marketing Tips You Must Never Ignore in 2021

Want to achieve better results with content marketing in 2021?

You have landed just on the right page!

Here, we will share some of the most time-tested content marketing tips that will not only boost brand awareness but will also increase the conversion rate.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

1. Define Your Audience

Never get started with a content marketing campaign without figuring out who to target.


The content should be relevant to people who you want to become your customers. Conduct research and develop a deep understanding of your target audience. From their demographic to interests to online behavior, leave no stone unturned and get the required insights.

2. Develop A Data Driven Strategy

8 Content Marketing Tips You Must Never Ignore in 2021

Your approach to content marketing is everything. While on one hand, some marketers focus on quality content, others believe in quantity.

Quality and quantity are both important to content marketing. 

However, to achieve the set marketing goals, you will need to depend more on data and analytics. So, make sure you integrate your campaigns with Google Analytics and let data drive you to success.

3. Build A Perfect Sales Funnel

Outreach, conversion, closing, and retention – these are the four different stages of any content marketing sales funnel.

These critical stages help develop brand awareness, generate leads, convert potential leads, and turn them into returning customers.

But, why should you build a sales funnel? Keep reading because we will answer this question in a moment.

4. Create And Maintain An Editorial Calendar

8 Content Marketing Tips You Must Never Ignore in 2021

Content marketing can get extremely exhausting in case you don’t keep track of things. Want to avoid getting lost in the various content production and marketing activities?

Develop an editorial calendar

These calendars help keep the team on the same page. From responsibilities – to content types – to promotional tactics – to deadlines, everything can be mentioned on the editorial calendar.

5. Develop Content For The Sales Funnel

You need to build a sales funnel to ensure the content developed caters to the different stages of the funnel. You cannot create content and then assign them to any of the four stages. 

You will first have to set the funnel and then develop content accordingly.

Since there are so many types of content that you can create, mapping content creation to the sales funnel helps you save a lot of time and resources.

6. Repurpose Content To Maximize Exposure

8 Content Marketing Tips You Must Never Ignore in 2021

Want to save more time and energy?

Once you develop the content, try repurposing it for different online marketing channels.

For example:

  • If you have created a webinar, try dividing the webinar into small clips and use them to create an online course.
  • If you create a YouTube video, you can clip small parts from it and repurpose them into Instagram reels or to other social channels.
  • If you have a blog post, try repurposing the content to create an infographic.

7. Invest In Visual Content

Visual content works. It triggers the right emotions and is a perfect tool to get the desired response from your target audience.

You can create infographics, YouTube videos, short-form videos like Instagram Reels & YouTube shorts, GIFs, animated videos, and many more.

Experiment with different visual content to find which content type fits well with your target audience.

8. Don’t Sell To Your Audience

8 Content Marketing Tips You Must Never Ignore in 2021

Lastly, treat your target audience as human beings.

Develop a content marketing strategy that helps them solve problems.

Indeed, you want your target audience to convert. But, you don’t want to push out content that will seem spammy to them.

All you should focus on is creating content that helps internet users make better purchasing decisions.


There you have it. We have shared some of the most important content marketing tips you can follow in 2021.

As we conclude this post, we would like to share one last tip: to follow all major content marketing trends in 2021 and beyond.

This is crucial because mapping your strategies to the trends will help you stay competitive!

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