14 Tips On How To Get Backlinks For SEO 2021

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14 tips on how to get backlinks for SEO

Backlinking is, without a doubt, one of the top three SEO strategies for Google. Backlinks promise authority, trust, and confidence between two pages and help increase mutual visibility. Therefore, getting backlinks is the way to go to make your page more successful for SEO purposes.

Backlinks should be:

  • Earned editorially
  • Sourced from websites relevant to the topic at hand
  • Unsponsored

Choosing the right and organic ways to get backlinks is very important to avoid toxic links instead of harming your page’s SEO strategy.

Keep reading to know how to get backlinks for SEO.

14 Relevant Ways of Earning Backlinks

Backlinks can supercharge your SEO standing and strategy. It is also essential to get backlinks organically and ethically to get the best results. Below are specific methods by which you can add beneficial backlinks to your page.

1. The Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper is a straightforward technique requiring you to re-write a successful page. You need to choose a successful runner and make your page have a much higher value than the original. 

The skyscraper technique, introduced by Brian Dean from Backlink, follows a proven process for success:

  • Find exemplary content that has excellent backlinks.
  • Create high-quality content that is better than the original.
  • Your content should go all-in on length, visuals, and depth to supersede the original’s authority.
  • Promote your content to the sources who had backlinked the original content.

The technique works because you’re going to gain backlinks and an audience for content that has already been proven successful. You do not have to conduct any additional research to get organic traffic and a higher competitive ranking.

2. Create A Guide For The Long-Term

Think of a topic in your industry that people are always willing to learn. Create an extensive introductory guide on that topic. This will add value to your readers and ensure several pages backlinking your guide for reference and resource value.

With one successful introductory guide on your website, you can get several backlinks. With the help of internal links in that guide, you can convert the traffic onto your website for organic traffic and audience.

3. Resource Link Building

As an informative blogger, you need to conduct research and create appropriate content to benefit your audience. If your content is very resourceful and informative, you can get backlinks from websites that will add value to your audiences’ business. It is also essential for you to see where your content can add value to the reader’s knowledge and requirements.

Great resource pages are generally:

  • Local Governments

  • Travel Pages

  • Universities

You can use the Backlink Analytics Tool by SEMrush to identify the resources backlinked on a competitor’s page. You can then add more value to your page by providing backlinks with more resourceful information.

4. Alternatives to Broken Link

Many pages link to pages that cannot be opened due to the 404 error. Therefore, search for competitor pages with backlinks leading to 404 pages and take advantage of the opportunity. Since nobody benefits from linking a 404 page, you can fix that problem and get backlinks from several topically relevant websites.

Look for pages with similar information as the 404 pages and create better content than them. You can then reach out to the pages that have mentioned the 404 pages you’ve created content to replace. 

They are likely to replace the broken link with your page due to the value you add to their article. Your page is then expected to be backlinked for the quality and requirement of the content you have posted. 

5. Unlinked Brand Mentions

Many online newspapers, product reviewers, and other pages serve brand names regularly. Your page might be mentioned on one of these pages without backlinking. You can find out such pages using SEMrush’s Brand Monitoring Tool.

Reach out to editors, bloggers, or journalists who have mentioned your brand without linking to your website. You will have to prove how backlinking your page will add value to their readers. However, this should be pretty easy since they know what your brand offers when they have already mentioned you on their page.

6.  Supplier’s Links

If you sell products by several manufacturers, you have the opportunity to get a massive number of backlinks. You can ask the manufacturers to add a backlink to your website as a sales pitch call to action. This will help you get more traffic on your website, and the more the products you sell, the better for the manufacturer’s sales.

Many manufacturers already do so by mentioning a list of their stockists or suppliers. Doing so will help both you and your manufacturer get mutual traffic. Sometimes manufacturers can accidentally leave your page. Therefore, reaching out to the company will ensure a backlink to your website.

7.  Association Links

Business association links work similarly to supplier links. If you are a business association member, you can ask the association’s website to create a members tab. Here, all the associates, including you, can be mentioned with backlinks to your respective websites.

Association links add traffic to your website and add authority to your voice as a member of a professional organization in your field.


Journalists are constantly writing about several industry-specific topics, and getting quotes from specialists helps their article be more authentic and authoritative. HARO is a website where journalists go to get quotes from industry specialists for their items.

Log into the website every day to check for the available article. Leave a quote as soon as you find an article relevant to your field. Journalists are sure to backlink your website while adding your section to their writing.

9. Testimonials

Just like HARO, getting a quote from a customer as a testimonial proves highly fruitful to any company. Testimonials help the companies build a reputation and goodwill among potential customers.

Email your testimonials to the companies providing the products or services you have recently used and liked. The website writer will be happy to add the testimonial there with a backlink to your website for reference.

10. Listicle Links

Listicles make a massive difference in how well your page is backlinked. You can ask bloggers who write listicles to add your product or service to their list to bring it in front of a wider audience. Earning backlinks in several listicles will make your page rank higher, help you sell better, and create a better brand name.

Use Google search operation to look for listicles in your industry that cover your competitors but not you. You must reach out to such writers, prove your value to them, and request them to add you to their list.

11. Roundup Posts

If you’re looking to broaden your SEO strategy, roundup posts will indeed work wonders for you. Similar to listicles and HARO, people writing roundup posts will always be happy to get content from you.

Better your content marketing strategy by searching “keyword” + roundup on Google, and you will find hundreds of pages waiting to backlink your page for topically relevant information.

12.  Link Gaps

Building backlinks through link gaps is feasible since you’ll be contacting people specializing in your field. The aim is to prove your worth to some of the most highly ranked pages in your field, especially if they have mentioned your competitors but not you.

Use the Backlink Gap tool to find pages mentioning your competitors but not you. Take your time and try to understand what made the pages mention your competitors and not you and make amends accordingly. If you can prove your value to these pages, they will be happy to backlink your page as well.

13. Digital PR Campaigns

Social media marketing is one of the most potent ways to get attention to your page. Conducting even a single digital PR campaign can make hundreds of news pages backlink your page to build topical relevance.

Try to do something to make your brand pop-up in the news. You could either launch a product or make a wise but unpopular statement to do so. Also, you can work on creative campaigns that include unique visualizations or stunts that can catch the reader’s attention immediately.

Doing so will get your backlinks and mentions on several journalism websites and pages. This will help you in becoming an industry specialist and get some organic audience to your website.

14. Influencer Marketing

You can get in touch with influencers who promote and talk about your field and collaborate with them on a project as a  marketing and SEO strategy.

Influencer marketing benefits everybody. It helps influencers get more coverage, their fans get more content, and you get traffic from their fans and news pages. You can endorse their product or even pitch to be business partners to get several organic backlinks.

Influencer marketing is also a form of digital marketing. When you get professionally involved with an influencer, you are sure to be mentioned by several fan pages and news pages that focus on the person you’re working with.


The more backlinks your website has, the more Google will trust you. Therefore, the more backlinks, the higher your SERPs position, allowing you to get more traffic.There are many other such ways to get more backlinks.

However, you must remember that content is king while planning your link-building strategy. The better your content and marketing tactics, the more backlinks you can achieve.

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